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  1.  English Language Training

ELT’s customized programs are designed in consultation with clients to ensure their specific training needs are met. Placement testing, development of specific curricula and materials, delivery of training, evaluation and reporting are key components of ELT’s successful customized training packages. Training can be delivered in English and Khmer depending on the needs of the client.

ELT tailors a timetable to accommodate work requirements and schedules of the participants. ELT’s customized training programs are the right choice because:

ELT provides for organizations with specific language and / or training needs
Study timetables are conveniently structured around staff working hours
ELT closely monitors and adjusts training on a continuous basis to ensure learning outcomes meet the needs of the client
Skills learnt are directly transferable to the work environment
Workplace documents are adapted into learning activities for authenticity
  ELT provides regular assessment and reporting directly to the client.
  1. Training Programs

ELT offers a range of programs aimed at developing the skills needed in the global workplace. Participants of all levels from basic literacy to advanced English are catered for at ELT. Popular courses for participants with higher level English include:

Business Communication skills
English for Tourism
Academic English
Professional Writing Skills
Pre-Departure Training
IELTS Preparation Training and Testing
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Admitted candidates will be considered for a limited number of merit-based​ scholarships based on the strength of the admission application.
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