Computer Rooms


There are four computer rooms at ELT, which boast latest computer hardware and software. Three rooms are located at the top of the building, which together have a total of 100 computers. The fourth room, containing fifteen computers, is located near the main entrance. Computers with Internet access are available for ELT students, provided that they are used to aid their studies.



The library has 5 computers and a wide range of resources and books in the English language. It also has a wide screen television with English Speaking movies being played throughout the day.  A member of staff is permanently present in this room, to answer any questions.


Every classroom has a whiteboard, is air-conditioned and has a stereo system, with amplifiers that project sound into the room.

Indoor Playground


There is an indoor playground for kids to play during their break time. There are variety of child-friendly equipment and the floors are covered with grass for safety.

ELT Bookstore

ELT bookstore offers all types of course books and learning materials for ELT students. Uniforms and other school materials are also available in ELT bookstore.

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