ELT Education Co., Ltd is the first company to obtain a License to conduct School Business from the Ministry Of Commerce since May 18, 2016. The Company's former name was American Academic of Language Art (AALA) was founded in 1994 in Phnom Penh Cambodia. It was set up by an entrepreneur from the United States, who believed that education would enrich the people‘s understanding and abilities to help develop the country.


AALA was renamed as ELT in 1997 due to the shift of the ownership. Madam Chea Neang Eng is an educator and entrepreneur who also has strong belief in education and its power to make the world a better place. She commits to make ELT a pioneering educational institute in the world.


ELT stands for a variety of things: English Language Teaching, English Language Training or as in its slogan, ‘Enriching Life for Tomorrow’. It can also stand for ‘Excellent Learning Torch’ which means ELT is a center for students to enlighten themselves as well as to enhance their knowledge and moral conduct.  Since its inception, ELT has been dedicated to the advancement of learning and to the sharing of knowledge through education to people in Phnom Penh. Through much persistence and effort, ELT is now a leading educational and professional institution in Cambodia. ELT is rated as a leader in its field: it delivers quality and excellence in education and turns out some of the highest caliber individuals into the job market. ELT has established many educational businesses such as ELT Elementary and Secondary School (EESS), English Language Teaching Institute (ELT), and Cambodian International University (CamIU).









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